As certified coaches, psychologists and teachers, Yadi, Yvonna, Cora and Anita offer unique gifts, wisdom and qualities that can shed light on many issues. The GWC offers Private Virtual Coaching and VIP In Person Coaching Retreats that are great for birthdays or wellness trips with friends or co-workers.


On the 90-minute
VIP Virtual Coaching Session, you will receive inspired guidance and advice that is trauma informed and based in Spiritual Psychology, embodiment and Indigenous teachings. Whether you are feeling stuck in a rut or need guidance with a mental, spiritual or emotional issue, the GWC can come together and support you through your pain.

The GWC Virtual Coaching Session is also amazing for creative masterminds and setting intentions for your life moving forward.


The GWC VIP IN-PERSON COACHING RETREATS are private intentional gatherings complete with movement, workshops and rituals custom made for you OR your group’s needs. You can curate your experience from a variety of offerings that the GWC provides. Among the offerings include:

  • Yoga

  • Breathwork

  • Tantra Workshops

  • Soul Purpose Workshops

  • Heart Centered Exercises

  • Intention Setting Rituals

  • Mandala Painting

  • Creating Ancestral Bundles

  • Lotus or Rose Tea Ceremonies

  • Sacred Writing/ Storytelling Workshops

  • Embodiment Exercises

  • Dream Meditations

  • Full Moon/New Moon Rituals

  • Oracle Cards

  • Soul Readings

  • Medicine Bowl Painting

  • Medicine Ceremonies upon request

  • Hot Seat Coaching

  • Ritual Bath Cleansings

  • Masterheart/ Mastermind Workshop

"The Restore Your Goddess (In-Person) Retreat was the greatest week of my life. I've often wondered what the best time of my life has been, and now I know. As a result of the time spent with incredible women, I am now so in love with myself and so aligned in my purpose like never before. I feel like I've gained mothers, sisters, and best friends all at once. I'm overflowing with the abundance of love from this experience and every moment since then I have walked in spirit with these women I now call home. To become so clear on how to spend one's life as a divine gift and life's answer to the question of why we are here, is the most liberating thing I've every experienced. I did not walk in faith before this week, now I am fully aligned in knowing that serving others in spirit and love is my calling."

- Caroline Benzing, Certified Health Coach


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